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  • Homebuyers Battle the Trifecta: Rates, Inventory, and Prices
    by Jann Swanson on May 25, 2018 at 2:18 pm

    Posted To: MND NewsWireThe May edition of Freddie Mac's monthly Outlook , produced by its Economic & Housing Research Group, is focused on the resiliency of the American homebuyer . It notes that, "Through the first five months of 2018, home shoppers have battled the trifecta of climbing home prices, higher mortgage rates and low supply ." One entry in the trifecta is interest rates, and Freddie Mac's economists see firming inflation continuing to put upward pressure on rates in general, including mortgage rates. They continued to climb during May, reaching 4.66 percent by the middle of the month. Rates, according to their forecast, will average 4.9 percent in the fourth quarter of this year and 5.4 percent by the same quarter in 2019. Higher mortgage rates have not yet slowed home purchase demand. Buyer resiliency...(read more)Forward this article via email:  Send a copy of this story to someone you know that may want to read it. […]

  • MBS Day Ahead: How did Such a Good Week Happen?
    by Matthew Graham on May 25, 2018 at 1:33 pm

    Posted To: MBS CommentaryIf you'd just had your worst week in 7 years, it's always nice if the next could be markedly different. That's the case for bond markets this week, assuming nothing outrageous happens for the rest of the day. In fact, if markets closed right now, this week's gains would easily outpace last week's losses. Who can we thank? In a word: Italy. More than anything, it's been the downward spiral in Italian politics fueling a rally in safer-haven bonds (like Treasuries and German Bunds). Who cares about Italy? More people than you might think. Even though it's only one of 19 countries in the Eurozone, it's important for a few reasons. First off, it's the 3rd biggest economy in Europe, so the economic impacts of any Italian drama can't easily be brushed off. Just...(read more)Forward this article via email:  Send a copy of this story to someone you know that may want to read it. […]

  • Jumbo, Non-QM, ARM Lender and Investor Trends
    by Rob Chrisman on May 25, 2018 at 1:07 pm

    Posted To: Pipeline PressDid you know that the number of female chief executives of Fortune 500 companies this year declined by 25 percent (from 32 to 24)? Not good. One of the highlights for me of this week’s MBA Secondary Marketing Conference was the mPower lunch. Besides some great networking and meeting some new folks, the lunch featured author Joanne Lipman who spoke about unconscious biases that many have (if you want to test yours, visit this site ), strategies for improving your workplace, and closing the gender divide. Yes, there are differences between men and women, but companies are better off by constructively realizing them and using them to their advantage. (If you have questions about the mPower program, which is also having events at various conferences around the nation, please contact the MBA’s...(read more)Forward this article via email:  Send a copy of this story to someone you know that may want to read it. […]

  • Flipping; Turning into a Dangerous Game?
    by Jann Swanson on May 25, 2018 at 12:10 pm

    Posted To: MND NewsWireCoreLogic says flipping is back. The term applies to the act of buying, renovating and/or repairing a house, then reselling it, all within a short timeframe. Investors who specialize in flipping are always out there, but when prices are rising, or appear about to, lots more people join in the game. Bin He, writing in CoreLogic's Insights blog, looked at the current levels of flipping, using as the criteria a house that is bought then sold in under 12 months. He found that 6.2 percent of home sales in the first quarter appeared to be flips . This matches the previous post-crash high in the first quarter of 2013. But, he points out, it was a different world back then. Prices were just beginning to rebound from their 2012 lows, the supply of homes was outstripping demand, and distressed sales...(read more)Forward this article via email:  Send a copy of this story to someone you know that may want to read it. […]

  • MBS RECAP: Bonds Confirm Yesterday's Strength
    by Matthew Graham on May 24, 2018 at 8:29 pm

    Posted To: MBS CommentaryYesterday was an important one for anyone hoping NOT to see the bond market completely give up hope in the fight against higher rates. To be fair, the fundamental realities in place over the past few years have clearly pointed toward higher rates, but there's always some uncertainty regarding how quickly we move and which levels will end up being important. With a break beyond the weakest levels in 7 years, it was (and still is) fair to wonder if we were on the precipice of a more abrupt move. As of right now, that more abrupt move is clearly on hold . This week's strong round of Treasury auctions sends the message that there's even some sponsorship for the bond market beyond the "risk-off" motivations from European political drama. That said, if European political drama...(read more)Forward this article via email:  Send a copy of this story to someone you know that may want to read it. […]